Jewellery Care

We understand your jewellery is an investment piece, maintaining its integrity and shine is as important as wearing and styling it

Find out more below on how to maintain the best for your jewellery from us; 

Jewellery Care & Wear 
- To maintain the integrity and quality of your jewellery avoid contact with water i.e. when you shower or bathe, engage with sporting activities 
- Avoid extreme temperatures and contact with bleach / chemical substances 
- Avoid contact with creams, perfume and any other liquids

 Jewellery Storage
- We recommend you store your jewellery in original Katherinescarlett packaging or in a cool dry place
- Store separately from other pieces to avoid tangling and damage 

Cleaning and Water
- To avoid tarnish and build - up of dirt we recommend using am polish cloth on all pieces (plated and solid) 
- Palladium plated pieces will have less risk of tarnish due to its metal composition, however it will benefit from a polish from time to time to revitalise the shine 
- Do not use towels, tissues, or paper to clean any metals, it will scratch and change the finish of the jewellery
- Silver cleaner can be used on both palladium sterling plated and sterling silver plated jewellery 

Tarnish Prevention
- All our sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time, to reduce this please follow storage guidance above 
- Palladium sterling will not tarnish due to its metal composition, however may 'dull' over time due to wear 

- Nickel is a trace of metal found in certain metals, it is classified as an allergen, whilst Katherinescarlett does not add nickel to our jewellery, there may be some traces in production of some metals we use

Palladium & Sterling Silver 
- Palladium is a silvery-white metal component known for its strength, shine and anti tarnish properties
- Palladium sterling is a metal alloy containing silver and palladium to give an extra shine to each piece we design
- Sterling silver components are either hallmarked in 925 silver or plated as indicated in production descriptions 

Resin & Clay 
- Resin & Clay are from the polymer family, the highly viscose and hardening compounds are used by hand to create small pieces of Jewellery Art 
- Resin is has finished & polished; please note that our jewellery will not look perfect. It is designed this way, therefore please take this into consideration before purchase 
- Clay is extremely delicate, please avoid contact with water, heat and extremely cold temperatures - to avoid melting or becoming brittle 

If there is any more queries regarding Katherinescarlett jewellery please find us at;