Where does it start

by Kitty Murphy

I've always had a fascination for metal, history, craft and just doing things by hand really

It's kind of crazy how my metal baby 'Katherinescarlett' came into fruition, I started exploring chain, metal form and my dads copious range of tools in his sheds. Being a mechanic, model maker and genuine advocate of if it's broken... fix it, I found myself wanting to combine my mothers more creative disciplined nature with my dads controlled mechanical chaos into something of my own

I took myself to Leylands in East London and collected together nuts and bolts, washers, carabiners and chains of all thickness and styles to piece together in the back garden of my family home 

There was something pretty cool about sitting there with the hum of classical music playing as I learnt about bearings, angles, manipulation of metal and self expression. Piecing together and experimenting with styles it elevated my own creative direction and hunger to learn more about jewellery design

I still a year down the line use my dads 50 year old pliers for assembly and finishing of my own work, his mechanic days really influenced the 'can do' mentality behind each piece of jewellery at Katherinescarlett and now we look at exploring history's influences on our hand crafted pieces own narratives, from communication of accessories to design and 'rawness' of creation

Founder wears; The Underworld earcuff, Collective earrings & Kemetic Altar ring from 'Demotica' collection 

Custom Tutankhamun hand carved ring is one of the first pieces crafted by Katherine